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SCAPULA Volume 2: Fear the Failure

Image of SCAPULA Volume 2: Fear the Failure


160 pages, color, paperback

Volume 2: Fear the Failure features all of the stories from 2010 up to 2012, thus completing 'the Sunday years' in your book collection.

The stories included in this volume are Sinister Monster Doom Legion, Children Are the Damned; or, Li'l Scapula, One Flew Over the Ku Klux Nest, Science Fiction Doubles Feature, Dada Dodo Doodah, Man of a Thousand Failures, Bone China, My Llorona, House of Scapula, The Jemini Killer.

Extra materials include:

Darkevilhelldeath-Man Rising - The prelude to the SMDL story, this print-only chapter gives the whole story behind the maniacal sock-puppet and how he came to meet Scap.

“Unfinished and Untitled” – The very first Scapula comic ever made (albeit unfinished and untitled), and perhaps the most offensive thing I’ve ever drawn!

The Villain – This fully-painted story is a dark look at how Scapula might have turned out had I chosen a real-world, non-comedic setting for the series. Also the first appearance (kinda’) of Bone China.

The Sinister Monster Doom Legion versus Randy – A storyboard for an unmade animated short. All of the villains must unite their forces to stop their most hated nemesis: a bratty six year-old kid!

Guest Comics - I've done quite a number of guest comics over the years, but I selected a few of my favorites for inclusion here. You may never look at these comics the same way again after you see what I do to 'em!

I will sign all copies and draw a character inside just for you. If you wish to choose the character you want to see, simply let me know in the Ordering Details section (otherwise I’ll just pick a character).