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SCAPULA Volume 1: Losers Never Quit

Image of SCAPULA Volume 1: Losers Never Quit


160 pages, color, paperback.

Volume 1: Losers Never Quit collects the first several years of Scapula comics, going far beyond the start of the webcomic series. This beautifully printed color edition is a must for all of you longtime SCAPULA fans who have wanted to see more of the World's Worst Villain!

The stories included in this volume are from 2008 to 2010, uncensored and in their entirety: A Crappy Crime Caper, Identity Theft, Jemini's Beautiful Story, The Sicko Six, Devil May Care, Mating Season, The Neglected One, The Royal Supervillain Theatre presents: The Tempest, Dadaman, The Cupboard of Dr. Calibani, Gangway.

Extra materials include:

The History of Scapula: A special chapter on how the series came to be, and what had to be endured to get Scapula created.

He Who Fights and Runs Away: The very first SCAPULA story; this is the first time this 26-page story has been republished since 2007.

Gutless Wonder and Lick Your Wounds: Two early full-length stories.

How to Make Coffee: A special comic originally published in TGT Media’s book, Webcomics: What’s Cooking?.

The Kid Who Clobbers Scapula: An exclusive full-length story made for print.

I will sign all copies and draw a character inside just for you. If you wish to choose the character you want to see, simply let me know in the Ordering Details section (otherwise I’ll just pick one).